Can I drop in anytime to see the Resort?

Drop Offs and pickups are by appointment. We love to show off our Resort however in order to keep our Canine guests happy we limit tours to a maximum of 5 minutes.

How do I make a reservation?

All pet owners must download and fax the "Application for Dogs" or Application for Cats (click to download) in order for their pet(s) to be considered.  Reservations will be accepted once a screening process has taken place and we are ensured that the health and safety of all guests is ensured.

We feel it is important to meet the pet guest and the owners to prepare your pet for a fantastic stay and vacation. We take our responsibility seriously and all requirements, vaccinations and suitability must be reviewed prior to confirmation of reservation. Once a pet guest is accepted we do not require further documentation for each stay, only that the pet owner keeps us informed of changes. Please bring updated vaccinations from licensed veterinarians. They must be administered at least one week prior to arrival.

Can I just show up with my dog for a stay?

NO! All guests of the Resort must apply  to stay at the RMPR. Once application is received  and all criteria is met, contact will be made to confirm reservation with the owner and discuss any additional services or questions.

Can I drop my dog off for the day while I go golfing?

YES!  We have day care services for our Canine guests provided we are not completely booked.  Hours of Operation are 8:30 a.m. to  6 pm. A day care application must be filled out and proof of current vaccinations must be available.

What is my pet's accommodation like?

All pet guests have private indoor suites with privacy panels between suites, designed for safe, clean, quiet environment. Separate Resort rooms are available for toy-miniature, medium and large canine guests with raised handmade beds, cozy comfortable bedding, music, air circulation and choices lots of guest activities.

What time is Check In?

Hours of operation are 8:30am-6pm daily and all guests must check out by 1:00 pm, or additional day charge will be made. We will ask to see your pet’s vaccination records at this time. Pet guest will say goodbye from the reception area as we try to limit excitement and anxieties of everyone involved and also disruption to our other pet guests. Please keep your dog on a leash and park in the designated parking area.

Do you offer Guest Activities Packages?

Additional Guest activities are available for a nominal fee should your pet want one-on-one play time, walks, massage etc.

What if I want more play time with my dog?

Special one-on-one Personalized Doggy activities are available for an additional charge. Please ask when calling if you are interested in this service.

What about Food?

We require that you bring your own food for your pet to the Resort to avoid digestive upset and due to the many pet food brands owners preference. We can keep food refrigerated, microwave, and at no additional charge will ensure special food preparation. Treats may be brought if desired, and we do give an evening treat to our guests at bedtime.

What if I can’t pick up my dog until after hours?

The Resort hours are from 8:30am – 6 p.m.  The gates are closed after the posted hours. Due to the serving of dinner, evening walks and settling of the guests additional charges will occur for late pick ups and may result in the guest staying the night.

Do you have Bedding/Toys?

All our suites have their own beds, though you may bring your pet’s bed, blanket, or comfort item. You may bring a favorite toy that you feel may make your pets stay more enjoyable.  Please be reasonable with items brought to the Resort and we are not responsible for their condition upon checking out.

What about Medication?

We request that all pets medication be clearly labels and with specific instructions to ensure accuracy in your pets medical routine. Please note that we do not administer injections. (Additional charges apply for medication)

My dog has not been neutered can he stay at the Resort?

No We only accept canine and feline guests that have been spayed or neutered. All guest must also show proof of current vaccinations.

If I pick up my pet early, can I get a refund?

No. Early check outs do not allow us the opportunity to fill the suite with potential guests.

What is my pets daily schedule?

Here is a Sample Daily Itinerary:

  • Early Morning; Morning walk & outdoor break
  • Morning Room Service - breakfast is served
  • Mid Morning:  AM housekeeping service
  • Afternoon Scheduled Guest Activities
  • Afternoon visits to playground area, sun decks or BOW WOW  Movies
  • Late Afternoon Room Service: Dinner served
  • After dinner outdoor break
  • Evening: Outdoor Break & PM Cleaning
  • Late evening:  Tuck Ins, Tummy Rubs & Evening Treat.
5 Star Review

Our Dogs just love Wendy and the Pet resort! Feels so great to know your fur kids are so well cared for when you are away! would recommend them to Everyone!! Best place in the valley.

Elke Petersen